The workshop will be held on five days, from Monday 20 to Friday 24 september 2021, and will include courses as well as projects realization. There will be 4-5 group leaders which are specialist on different math areas (Cryptography, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Geometry and Applied Maths). Each leader will proposes 2-3 projects and each project will gather 3-4 people.

  • Monday: registration, Sage installation on laptops of participants, courses on “How to contribute to Sage ?” and “Introduction to Sage” and panel discussion.
  • Tuesday: Projects presentation and working on groups.
  • Wednesday: working on groups, excursion and panel discussion.
  • Thursday: working on groups and gala dinner.
  • Friday: Presentation of results and future plans.

All the main project leaders have confirmed their participation. The program includes discussion on women mathematicians.

For more details on the organization, speakers, etc. click here