AIMS Senegal Research Centre


Research is an integral part of the AIMS programme and will be launched at each new AIMS centre within the first few years of opening.

The main features of an AIMS Research Centre are

  • A strong focus on cutting-edge topics which are most relevant to African development, especially in fields where scientists in Africa have a competitive advantage and can do world-leading research
  • Close involvement with local universities and other research institutions thus widening the pool of available expertise and serving to initiate long-term research programmes in the local academic community
  • Collaboration with institutions all over Africa to ensure strong pan-African participation in all the Research Centre’s programmes, stimulating the growth of pan-African research networks and partnerships
  • Participation of top international researchers and institutions keen to work with African academics and students on cutting edge projects
  • Close ties with industry by running programmes associated with particular industrial needs, assisting in capacity building and collaboration on innovative projects
  • The careful selection of cost-effective, high impact, interdisciplinary research programmes in which a small fast-moving Centre can break new ground more effectively than is possible in larger, less flexible institutions

Research Programmes and Opportunities 

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