Workshop & conference

–> Fall  School on  “PDEs and Probability”.

Place: AIMS-Senegal, Mbour, Senegal.

Dates:  November 21-25,  2016.


  1. Helmut Abels (Universität Regensburg)
  2. Moritz Kaßmann (Universität Bielefeld)
  3. Nicola Kistler (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

Organizers: Mouhamed M. Fall (AIMS Senegal) and Tobias Weth (University of Frankfurt).


–>  The 2016   AWMA/West African Forum

Dates: 08-09 July 2014

Place: AIMS Senegal



–> AIMS-Senegal & SWMA Workshop on “Financial and Actuarial Mathematics”

Dates: July, 11-15th, 2016

Place: AIMS Senegal, Mbour, Senegal

Organizers: Aissa Wade  (Penn State et AIMS-Senegal), Mouhamed M. Fall (AIMS-Senegal), Sophie Dabo (Univ. de Lille, INRIA-MODAL-SIMERGE),  Fagueye Ndiaye (Univ. of Dakar) and Bernadette Faye, (Univ.  of Dakar).

Lecturers: Diane Wilcox (Univ. Witwatersrand), Christian Francq (Univ. Lille, CREST, Paris) Olivier Menoukeu Pamen (Univ. of Liverpool) and  Akim Adekpedjou (Univ. of Missouri Sciences and Technology).



–>Workshop ‘Operators, Spectra and Applications’

Place: AIMS Senegal,

Dates: 20.06.2016 – 24.06.2016

organizers:    Mouhamed Moustapha Fall (AIMS Senegal) and Peter Stollmann (TU Chemnitz)

Lecturers: C. Helmberg, T. Kalmes  P. Stollmann (TU Chemnitz).



Past events:

–> Spring School on  “Nonlinear PDE and related problems”.

Place: AIMS-Senegal, Mbour, Senegal.

Dates:  February 15-19,  2016.


  1. Guido Sweers, Universität zu Köln, Germany
  2. Susanna Terracini,  Universita degli studi di Torino, Italy
  3. Enrico Valdinoci,  WIAS Berlin, Germany
  4. Michael Winkler,  Universität Paderborn, Germany.

Organizers: Mouhamed M. Fall (AIMS Senegal) and Tobias Weth (University of Frankfurt).



—> Workshop on “Towards a new generation of common pool resource experiments: Using a mobile app to analyse dynamic human harvest behaviour”. From 18th to 20th Septembre 2015 at AIMS-Senegal center.

Speakers in the workshop:

Alessandro Tavoni, London School of Economics, UK

Moritz Stäbler, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany

Micaela Kulesz, Leibniz-Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Germany

Gunnar Brandt, Leibniz-Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Germany


September, 18th: Introduction to Experimental Economics and Game Theory.
September, 19th: Introduction to Ecological Resources, Fisheries models, and Management approaches.
September, 20th: Presenting OGUMI Mobile App, Designing an Experiment; Running the experiment in the classroom with different treatments. Short data analysis.


  • Enthusiasm for the topic and the disposition to actively engage in the workshop

  • Willingness to read some introductory literature on economic experiments (will be provided)

  • Background in data analysis

  • Experience with either R or Stata would be great.

Organizers: Micaela Kulesz (ZMT), Gunnar Brandt (ZMT) and Mouhamed M. Fall (AIMS Senegal).


—> Workshop on “Mathematical sciences for understanding real world problems in Africa: Georgia Tech meets Senegal”

[with one day dedicated to Prof. Mary Teuw Niane for his 60th birth]

    Place: AIMS-Senegal, Mbour, Senegal.

    Dates:  February  18.05.2015 – 21.05.2015

Cosponsors: Minstère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche du Sénégal and the Humboldt Reserach chair.

Organizers: M.M. Fall (AIMS-Senegal), D. Seck (University Cheik Anta Diop of Dakar) and M. Sy (University Gason Berger of Saint-Louis).


—> Spring School on “Continuum Methods for Discrete Problems in Combinatorics, Optimization and   Mathematical Physics”

    Place: AIMS-Senegal, Mbour, Senegal.

    Dates:  February  13.4.2015 – 17.4.2015
To participateplease follow the instructions Here…..

    —> Spring School on “Variational and Geometric Methods in Nonlinear PDEs” intended to PhD students and PostDocs.

     Place: AIMS-Senegal, Mbour, Senegal.

     Dates:  February 15-20,  2015.
To participate (apply before November 30, 2014), please follow the instructions Here…..


—> ICTP-NLAGA School in Dynamical Systems  and Ergodic Theory, 4-14  June 2014.

—> Workshop on “Mathematical tools for understanding and managing fisheries: synthesizing and refining data and models“, May 07-09, 2014.

—> Third Edition of the dotoriales of EDMI (Ecole Doctorale de Mathématiques et Informatique)  of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar On December 20th, 2013

—> CIMPA-ICPAM Schoool on “Méthodes Algorithmiques et Applications en Géométrie Algébrique Réelle et Théorie des Nombres”, du 16 au 29 Juin 2014

—> Workshop on “Partial Differential Equations, Differential geometry and their applications“, from 10 -12 April 2013