August 29, 2022


The idea of this new project is to train finishing-Master and PhD students from Africa during a two weeks school followed by a short conference. The instructors will not only reinforce the knowledge of the participants in some topics important for their PhD project through lectures, tutorials and working groups, but will also offer mentoring during the following years . There will be two topics: Analysis of PDE and Probability and Statistics. Each group will have few participants (~10) so the event will have a strong human component: through their active and stimulated participation, the students will work in groups, start their network, and have many informal scientific interactions with the professors.

What will students get out of it?

  1. an in-depth knowledge of the concepts, notions and perceptions of a research topic
  2. experience with several of the most commonly used research methods and skills for conducting research in the area of a research topic
  3. start working in groups on research level questions
  4. ability to report research findings in writing and orally at an academic level
  5. start a research network
  6. mentoring during the PhD thesis

Format of the event:

  1. Week 1: basic courses + basic exercises (possibly on computers) to reinforce the knowledge in the topic for the students at master level; students will be split into smaller groups of 2, 3 to work on the exercises,
  2. Week 2: more advanced lectures for everyone and exercises sessions for the students at master level with the supervision of a PhD student. Working groups on research problems for the PhD students + preparation/rehearsal of their talks for the conference,
  3. Week 3: conferences on 3 days with talks by the instructors + talks by the PhD students.

Organization committee

  1. Sophie Dabo-Niang (Université de Lille)
  2. Mouhamed Moustapha Fall (AIMS Senegal)
  3. Christophe Ritzenthaler (Université de Rennes 1 and Université Côte d’Azur, France)