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AIMS centres are unique postgraduate teaching centres that recruit students from across Africa and prepare them for careers in the quantitative sciences.

Each centre needs a dedicated group of academics and advanced students engaged as tutorials to assist the institute in its exciting teaching program. Students coming to AIMS have a solid background in mathematical sciences (including pure and applied mathematics, physics, computer science, mathematical biology and other disciplines). Excellent teachers are recruited from around the world to teach students preparing for advanced postgraduate research. The training is comprehensive in scope and applies all the latest teaching methods to stimulate critical and creative thinking.

Classroom participation and self-employment are strongly encouraged. The unique residential character of the institutes allows for optimal interaction between students and teachers in a pleasant environment at any time. AIMS facilities include an excellent library and a state-of-the-art computer lab.

Being a tutor at an AIMS Center is an excellent opportunity to meet and work closely with highly respected scientists from around the world.

In principle, students are designated as a tutor for a minimum of one full academic year, which runs from mid-August to the end of June.


Provide general assistance to the principal and professors in the university program, for example by participating in problem-solving and computer lab courses, following group and individual tutorials as needed, contributing to the assessment of student performance on an ongoing basis, preparing instructional materials and additional exercises as needed.

At least a Master in one of the mathematical sciences; capacity/skills in higher education; excellent interpersonal skills; sense of innovation; excellent command of English and, or French; Ability to work as a member of a dedicated team, in which responsibilities are shared.


We no longer accept applications when all positions are filled. Applications should be sent by e-mail to Candidates must include a letter of motivation (specifying the centre (s) they prefer), a CV and a list of two references that can be reached.

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