Post-AIMS Business Certificate

Post AIMS Business Certificate


The Post AIMS Business Certificate (PAB) is a training course for AIMS alumni and non-AIMS students from Francophone universities, designed to prepare them for the labour market and to develop competencies relevant to entrepreneurship. 

Delivered by a qualified entity/consultant, the PAB provides hands-on training in entrepreneurship, professional development, self-employment, corporate structure, finance, and program management. 

Since inception, SFE has trained 117 students in Senegal under two cohorts of the Post-AIMS Business Certificate, 40% of whom are women.


  • A one-month training leading to a Post AIMS Business Certificate, delivered in Dakar, Senegal.
  • The training is delivered through workshops and tutorials in entrepreneurship, professional development, and job readiness.
  • This training will enable selected students to face the many challenges related to job search and self-employment.  
  • Eligibility: AIMS Alumni, and students from French-speaking African universities who have completed initial training in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).