Logistics Officer, AIMS Senegal!

The Logistics Officer, AIMS Senegal will ensure that all facilities and logistics functions of the Centre are operational to AIMS network standards ensuring that high quality academic programs can be delivered in the 24-hour learning environment upon which AIMS prides itself. The health and well-being of visiting lecturers, tutors and students depend upon this core function.

As the Logistics Officer, you will develop and implement a facilities strategy and tactical plan to ensure that AIMS- CMR provides a safe, healthy and productive work environment to all, and is reflective of the work environment, culture and values of the organisation. Implement and manage a facility and equipment maintenance program to ensure cleanliness of all facilities and facilities equipment and furniture (e.g. generators, air-conditioning systems, lights, coffee machines etc.) and that these are fully functional at all times.

Click on this link to apply. Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2022.

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