September 6, 2021

Senegal EMA School on Introduction to Number Theory, Cryptography and related courses September 6-19, 2021

There is a strong interest in Senegal to promote and develop new research areas in mathematics (in particular in Algebra, Number Theory and Cryptography), attract new students and develop a scientific collaboration with other countries, mainly Canada, France, and USA.

Holding a school in Cryptography and Number Theory in Senegal will be extremely helpful and will allow to establish scientific contacts and develop a cooperation between Senegal and France and between Senegal and USA in particular.

Students participating to this school will have an opportunity not only to attend mini courses that focus on some important topics of modern Cryptography and of Number Theory but also to see different applications of algebraic and arithmetic methods in cryptography.

As a byproduct, we expect that the school will enhance a Western African network on Cryptography and Number Theory as well as new research collaborations in these areas, including co-directions of Master students. Another objective is to offer local teachers and researchers an opportunity to give a new orientation to their teaching or research by attending to the courses on Cryptography and Number Theory.