September 20, 2021

Women in Sage Senegal Workshop

 The African Women in Mathematics Association (AWMA) was established in July 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa ( Mainly, its purpose is to promote mathematics and the networking for women mathematicians in Africa. We strongly believe that a Women in Sage conference happening in AIMS Senegal and with the support of AWMA and the Senegalese Women in Mathematics Association (SWMA) is a great opportunity for everybody. Moreover, the event will be held in a fringe of a CIMPA school on number theory and cryptography, if the CIMPA school is approved (it is currently under evaluation by CIMPA).

Objectives for the Workshop

– to bring together African female Mathematicians to work together, motivate themselves and see different female role models.

– to start new research projects and collaborations between women mathematicians in all Africa.

– to create networks for mentoring young girls and women in Mathematical research.

– to teach African female Mathematicians new programming skills.

– last, but no least, to contribute to Sage.