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Leclaire Anjipu Mfoncha Enock

Leclaire gained admission into AIMS with a Master’s I in applied mathematics & computer science. He describes his Co-op experience at AIMS Senegal (2015-2017, Mastercard Foundation Scholar) as a milestone, where he gained professional experience by doing his internship at Atos, after which the company hired him. He contends: “At Atos, I explored new approaches and techniques such as Kernel Ridge, K-Nearest Neighbors, Random Forest, AdaBoost, and Gradient Boosting, to improve predictions in a model for the company’s client. My findings during this internship led to a model which correctly predicted the impact of configuration changes of products at a 90% rate, lessening the resources required to process client requests. I became a better communicator, team player, and long-distance collaborator. I fine-tuned my problem-solving capacity and developed skills in big data predictive analysis, as well as data model construction”.
Now Big Data Consultant at Smile Open Source Solutions, Côte d’Ivoire, Leclaire uses predictive analysis and machine learning to determine the impact of change on complex products.

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