July 3, 2019

First edition of “Business Day” a success!

AIMS Senegal organized the first edition of “Business Day”, an initiative aimed at soliciting private sector engagement. Organized on February 20 at the Terrou-Bi Hotel, Dakar, the meeting took place around the theme “Cooperative education for a better workforce”, and focused on the role of the private sector in the development of local economies. The event was marked by activities such as a roundtable on new strategies for involving the private sector in skills development programs in Africa, financing for sustainability, as well as testimonials from alumni and partners industry.

The event resulted in the signing of three partnership agreements with WUTIKO, INTOUCH SA and ENABLIS. INTOUCH SA is committed to offering a new laptop computer to Coop students each year, and to granting them internship contracts. ENABLIS is also committed to supporting the implementation of the post AIMS entrepreneurship certificate within the framework of the Skills for Employment program.

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