July 4, 2019

Promotion of women in science – 10 new partnerships!

This year, AIMS Senegal continued its efforts to develop new partnerships through our pillar of gender equality, inclusion and diversity, with the aim of promoting women in science. With the objective of encouraging young girls to take an interest in science, through public engagement activities, as well as the projection of scientific models, 10 partnerships have been signed with companies and associations managed by women within the Francophonie.

In a ceremony which took place on May 20 at the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Dr Youssef Travaly, President of AIMS Senegal signed partnership agreements with: the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and ‘Innovation, the Ministry of National Education, the Collège st Esprit, FADEV, FAWE, ImagiNation Afrika, JEADER, JGEN, JEADER, Lycée Kennedy and SeeSD. These achievements show a good level of support and commitment from partners to promote gender equality through AIMS programs.

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