Industrial Mathematics: Applications and Challenges

Industrial mathematics is a multidisciplinary field that applies mathematical theories and techniques to solve real-world problems in industry and technology. Recently, the use of mathematical models and methods to address various challenges faced by industries has gained significant attention. This webinar aims at promoting the knowledge and applications of industrial mathematics. Program 13:00 – 13:10Opening

Third Edition of the Non Linear Analysis Geometry and Applications Biennial International Research Symposium (Third Edition NLAGA-BIRS).

Registration Procedure : Registration is Required to participate in the NLAGA- BIRS Conference. To register, please complete the following form :  registration form Description: The NLAGA’s Biennial International Research Symposium (NLAGA-BIRS) is intended to gather African expertises in Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and their Applications with their International Partners in a four days conference where new mathematical results, in various


The Spring School will be held at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Senegal and is targeted at enthusiastic MSc and PhD students with a keen interest in applied mathematics and ecological and socioeconomic sciences. The School will cover different topics, including ecological interactions, biodiversity, blue economy, environmental change, and marine resources.


AIMS Sénégal est heureux de vous présenter la final d la première édition du tournoi d football d AIMS Sénégal qui aura lieu ce samedi 19 février 2022 à 16 H au centre sportif de Keur Madior. Cet événement a été organisé en marge de la célébration des 10 ans d’existence d’AIMS Sénégal dans le

Celebration of World Science Day 2021

AIMS joins the scientific community and the world to celebrate #WorldScienceDay for #Peace and #Development. Through Innovative #Scientific Training, and #Research & Breakthrough Discoveries, we are enabling Africa’s talented students to become innovators.

United Nations Day for South-South Coopération

Les coopérations entre les peuples et les pays du Sud sont cruciales pour le développement socio-économique de l’ensemble de l’Afrique. Aujourd’hui plus que jamais, la pandémie de COVID-19 rend ces coopérations plus bénéfiques. L’AIMS s’appuie sur des partenariats avec des institutions du Sud pour préparer les jeunes Africains les plus brillants au marché du travail.

International Literacy Day

Every year since 1967, the world celebrates International Literacy Day on 8 September. AIMS remains committed to championing STEM literacy in Africa by equipping young Africans with the requisite scientific skills to tackle Africa’s grand challenges.