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Benard Charles Ndege

Growing up in Kampala, Uganda, Benard exhibited interests in repairing broken electrical instruments at a tender age. While in primary and high school, science subjects came naturally to him, and he grew up with a passion for automotive engineering. As a high school junior, he participated in the National Mathematics contest organized by the Uganda Mathematical Society under the International Mathematical Olympiad, and his performance was outstanding. Benard emerged valedictorian at his school after excelling in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education pursuing Mathematics and Physics as his majors. He proceeded to Makerere University where earned a Bachelor of Sciences (physical) with Education specializing in mathematics and physics, emerging among the top five.

Under the Co-op program at AIMS Senegal (2017-2019, Mastercard Foundation Scholar), he gleaned an internship at Ensibuuko Tech Ltd Uganda, where he worked on building a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCO) evaluation and monitoring platform to enable corporate financial institutions to make crucial investment decisions. Winner of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Research Fund, Benard is currently working as a Data Scientist at Ensibuuko, where he is using his competencies to promote financial inclusion among people in rural and remote areas.

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