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Steven Ndung’u


Steven was born in the town of Kitale, Kenya. His connection and love for science, especially mathematics and chemistry, can be traced to his elementary and high school years. This led him to enrol for a BSc in Actuarial Science at the University of Eldoret, Kenya, where he not only excelled but equally served as President of the Mathematics Association of the University. Through this association, he was able to work with fellow scholars to promote mathematics and inspire high school students to pursue the discipline. After graduation, Steven was involved in developing the open-source statistical software built on R to foster understanding of Statistics in Africa and the entire world while volunteering with the African Maths Initiative – known as the first statistical software developed from Africa for the rest of the world.

As a Co-op student at AIMS Senegal, where he doubled as the AIMS Senegal and AIMS Global Network Mastercard Foundation Scholar Representative, he strengthened and broadened his understanding of mathematics, data science, and leadership skills. A Machine Learning and Deep Learning enthusiast, he was among the few selected to participate in the Indaba 2018 Deep learning conference in South Africa.

Steven is a Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working on projects transforming agriculture (small-scale farmers) and Tertiary Education in Africa. Proficient in R & Python programming, statistical data analysis, and statistical modelling, Steven conducted his work placement at Manobi, subsequently gleaning the position of Scientific Officer at ICRISAT.

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