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Matar Ndongo


Matar studied experimental sciences in secondary school, after which he enrolled at Bambey University, where he obtained a professional degree in statistics and business intelligence. Subsequently, he enrolled for a professional Master’s at the École Supérieure Polytechnique in Dakar, where he focused on data modelling and processing. Matar had equally interned with ANSD, SENELEC and ADN Tech, working predominantly in business intelligence.

In 2017, he gleaned a Co-op work placement in Montréal through the AIMS partnership with IVADO. During his short research stay at HEC Montreal (TechLab3), Matar worked on the research topic “Monte Carlo exploration of the stability of importance scores for regression tree and random forests when the predictors are correlated”. The study set out to synthesize the advantages and the limits of these various methods, compute the importance scores, and show how unstable they are when the predictor variables are correlated through Monte Carlo exploration.

Matar is currently serving as Technical Consultant Microsoft D365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management at Dynaminqs.

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