Abdoulaye Niang

Abdoulaye Niang is a statistical engineer and economist trained at the National School of Statistics and Economic Analysis (ENSAE) in Dakar. Previously Data Scientist and Data Engineer at Atos, he has worked on many topics including bank fraud detection, design and maintenance of data collection pipelines, setting up a data lake, chatbot, etc. Abdoulaye is

Prof. Des Johnston

After growing up in Belfast in Northern Ireland and studying Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge, Des Johnston completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London in 1986. He then worked as a postdoc at LPTHE Orsay, Uni Paris Sud  and at Caltech, Pasadena. He was fortunate enough to be in Berlin at

Dr. Elvis Ndah

Elvis Ndah holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Ghent and holds an Advanced  MSc. degrees in Artificial intelligence and an MSc in Statistics. At the University of Ghent, his research was focused on applying machine learning and statistical methods on multi-omics datasets from eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes to gain insights into the

Dr. Nandi Leslie

Dr. Nandi Leslie is an Engineering Fellow at Raytheon, serving as an Applied Mathematician and Principal Investigator (PI) at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Dr. Leslie earned her Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University in 2005 and her B.S. degree in Mathematics from Howard University in 1999.  Before joining Raytheon, Dr.

Prof. Djiby SOW

Djiby Sow is a full Professor in Mathematics, Cryptography and Information Security (CAMES 2012). He is a lecturer-researcher in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology at Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) of Dakar. He is the Head of the Discrete Mathematics and Cybersecurity (MDC) Research Group. He is also

Prof. Babatunde Joseph Abiodun

Babatunde J. Abiodun is an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where he lectures and coordinates the Atmospheric Science Program for the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (USA). Prior to joining UCT in 2008, he was a Postdoctoral

Prof. Ndeye Niang Keita

Ndèye Niang is Associate Professor in data analysis at CNAM, member of the research team MSDMA “Statistical Methods for Data Mining and Learning” at CEDRIC (Centre de Recherches en Informatique et Communication) and senior lecturer at Institut de Statistique de l’Université Paris VI (ISUP).  She earned a BSc in Mathematics, MSc. in Applied Mathematics, MSc.

Ibrahima Diop

Ibrahima Diop is a senior cybersecurity professional. He has worked for many customers in different sectors in France, Switzerland and now in the United Arab Emirates. He is currently working for clients in UAE on Threat Hunting, SOC building, Incident Response and digital forensics. Ibrahima earned a Master’s in UCAD on Data Transmission and IT