Save The Date: Graduation 2016

Save the Date: Graduation 2016 As the 2015-16 academic year winds down, AIMS-Senegal is happy to begin preparations for Graduation 2016. Over the next two months, Master’s students will be completing their Research Dissertations. While Co-operative students will enter their first work placements. This class is one of the bigger classes since AIMS-Senegal’s inception in 2011.

RSS ‘Statistics in Africa’ Fundraising Campaign Hits Halfway Mark

The RSS has launched a new fundraising campaign to help send RSS fellows over to centres of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) network in Africa to teach MSc courses in statistics. Despite launching only last week to RSS members, the campaign has (at the time of writing) already surpassed the halfway mark towards its £3,500 target, thanks to the generosity of

Second AIMS Imaginary Maths and Science Roadshow, Workshop and Exhibition

Introduction This second edition of the AIMS–IMAGINARY Maths and Science Roadshow, Workshop and Exhibition will showcase interactive visual and hands-on tools used to stimulate interest in maths and sciences among diverse groups of people. The event targets primary, secondary, high school and university learners and teachers/lecturers. It will consist of (1) an AIMS–IMAGINARY Maths and Science Roadshow packed with

AIMS-Senegal’s Cooperative Program

As of April 1st, AIMS-Senegal’s Cooperative Students completed their coursework, and began their first work placements in the following week. The AIMS-Senegal’s Cooperative Program (Co-op Program), is the first of its kind in the AIMS Network. The pilot program aims to provide the same rigor as the AIMS TOP Master’s Program, with an additional seven months dedicated